- What is gkplugins ?
Gkplugins is a plugin run on JWPlayer.
- It is called proxy.swf and run with sub-plugin of proxy.
- Proxy can play audio, video from other hosts by input is a direct link on address bar in browser (demo).
- You can add more plugins to proxy and can play more hosts or play with playlist file.
- Default proxy will show \"gkLicense Trial\" in loading text and play with limit time (user can view 1 hour, after 3 hour will reset).
- You can buy license to remove trial text and limit time : gkplugins.com/order/
- How to insert subtitle (caption) ?
- set flashvars in embed code as structure:
- plugins=captions,plugins/proxy.swf&proxy.link=...&captions.file=httpYourDomain.com/sub.srt
- Readmore plugin captions
- change font size and color, ex : plugins=captions,plugins/proxy.swf&proxy.link=...&captions.file=httpYourDomain.com/sub.srt&captions.fontsize=25&captions.color=ff0000
- subtitle with playlist xml
- subtitle with playlist json
- multi subtitle (multi language)
Note : If domain of player.swf different with domain of file subtitle, you must allow crossdomain
Ex : domain1.com/player.swf , domain2.com/sub.srt
create crossdomain.xml with content :

and upload to domain2.com/crossdomain.xml
- How to do browser of user auto update proxy and plugins ?
- change folder of proxy
- Example: plugins=plugins/proxy.swf&proxy.link => plugins=plugins1/proxy.swf&proxy.link
- or set on flashvars : proxy.nocachexml=true&proxy.nocacheswf=true (this case not update proxy)
- How to show logo in player ?
- add to flashvars : logo.file=http://yourlinklogo.png&logo.hide=false&logo.position=[POSITION]&logo.margin=[NUMBER]
- [POSITION] : bottom-left , bottom-right , top-left , top-right
- [NUMBER] default by 8
- Example : player.swf?logo.file=http://localhost/gkpluginslogo.png&logo.hide=false&logo.position=top-left&logo.margin=10&file=a.mp3
- more option : option logo
Note : logo work with player have license from longtailvideo.com (right click on player to view license or not)
- How to use playlist file ?
- set on flashvars : proxy.list=http://yourdomain.com/playlist.xml (any extension: .xml, .php, ...)
- content of list file you can view here : PROXY.zip/readme.txt
- view demo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I_BuGQFeyg
- or playlist json : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAu62H0BrNU (03:50)
- show listbox, set on flashvars : playlist.position=bottom&playlist.size=200
- auto next, set on flashvars : repeat=list
- How to show listbox ?
- set on flashvars : playlist.position=[POSITION]&playlist.size=200
- [POSITION] : bottom, top, right, left, over or none
- Example: playlist.position=bottom&playlist.size=200
- How to change skin player ?
- download skin here : http://gkplugins.com/playerSkins/
- set to flashvars : skin=http://yourdomain.com/fileskin.zip
- How to resolve error "Please use full embed code" ?
- Visit here and download any plugin .zip, extract it and open index.html by notepad you can see full embed code with <object> and <embed> tag
- If your site use many player in 1 page, make sure ID in <object> tag of players is different
- How to check java work on host ?
- upload file plugins_player.jar to your host, Example : yourdomain.com/gkplugins/plugins/plugins_player.jar
- visit link on browser : yourdomain.com/gkplugins/plugins/plugins_player.jar.pack.gz
- if see error 300 Multiple Choices, you need make it to 404 Not Found, so java will work.