Note : from personal reasons, i don't have time and health to develop
gkplugins will close on january 2016
if you have license over feb 2016: view here

Download Plugins here
(user & pass : 12345)

or download on GoogleDrive here
(if see Error 500, sent link to your gmail
then click button Save to Drive, after Done, click Show in Drive)
(add to your googleDrive for see all files - view video)

Gkplugins is a plugin run on JWPlayer.
- It is called proxy.swf and run with sub-plugin of proxy.
- Proxy can play audio, video from other hosts by input is a direct link on address bar in browser (demo).
- You can add more plugins to proxy and can play more hosts or play with playlist file.
- Default proxy will show "gkLicense Trial" in loading text and play with limit time (user can view 1 hour, after 3 hour will reset).
- You can buy license vip or standard to remove trial text and limit time :
- contact me by email : [email protected]